Hello, children of God, this is my question for you today what is in your hand? I am actually referring to that God-given gift that you are not using.

Hello, children of God, this is my question for you today.

Yes, what is that thing you are holding?

Okay (laughs) I am not actually referring to that literarily,

I am actually referring to that God-given gift that you are not using.

as you all know the holy scriptures are the compass of a serious Christian.

After all, David said your word is a lamp unto my feet.

So let us open our bible to Exodus 4:1-3

And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord hath not appeared unto thee.

2 And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said A rod.

3 And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent, and Moses fled from before it.

Moses has always thought that he had just a rod, but he soon realized his error in verse 3 of what we just read. this rod turned into a snake.

We may think we have just a rod but when this rod receives the touch of God then it starts to act in supernatural ways, let us see Exodus 7:8-12

There are so many instances in the bible where the supernatural rod did wonders for the children of Israel, but for the brevity of time you can read these chapters on your own Exodus 20:7-8, 17:3-6 

Many of us trivialise a lot of things including that which God has given us

We call it just a rod and go about chasing shadows. Many of us do not know that our rod is our pathway to fulfilling our purpose in this life.

Some of us are even worse, we behave like that servant in the bible that was given 1 talent and got angry and buried the talent rather than using it to gain more talent. 

A lot have died with their gifts, they just came into this world and passed away just like that.

Little wonder that great preacher Myles Munroe said that the grave is the richest place because it has the possession of a lot of dead people who never used their gifts.

(And the Lord said unto him, what is in your hand? And he said, a ROD!) 

Stop calling it just a rod, it is more than a rod, it is just a rod to you because you have not come to the consciousness of who you are and what the word of God says about you. When you acknowledge this rod(gift) and the mighty hand of God blesses it, you will stretch it over the red sea of your life and they will part ways, just as Moses did for the children of Isreal and they worked on the dry ground.

This rod(gift) when thrown on the floor will turn into a snake that will swallow up “SAPA” in your life just as did the snakes of the magicians of Egypt. 

This rod when stretched at the rock of your life will bring fort water.

All gift is from above from the father of lights in whom there is no variance nor no shadow of turning, so if this is true then why call it just a rod, or why are you not using it?

Don’t forget, that the gift of Man shall make room for him Meaning it shall feed him, cloth him, provide shelter for him, connect him with great and influential people who will in turn be a blessing to him, and at last He will leave this world as a fulfilled and faithful servant to the upper Jerusalem.

I pray as we step out into this week the Lord will open our eyes to those gifts that we have been calling “Just a rod” so that we may use them for his glory and the blessing of humanity.

Thank you and Godbless. 

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